Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Had Some Extra Money Left Over

On my recent trip to the Connecticut Sheep and Wool Festival back in April 2010, my goal was to spend my money on a large amount of fiber in order to make a large project. I was able to fulfil this goal. I had about $8.00 left over and wanted to get as much fiber as I possibly could. Right before we left, I found this. It was two ounces of merino and I was not crazy about the color. Another goal was to step out of my comfort zone and get different colors or I wouldn't have even considered this colorway.

When I was going through the fiber a few days ago, I came across this and thought it would be a great fiber to spin up and practice my navajo plying on the wheel. I was amazed at the colors this fiber was producing as singles. I ended up with 70 yards of fingering weight yarn of the nicest gold/copper/bronze colorway. Now what to do I do with the yarn. The yardage doesn't give me much of a choice, but maybe this would be great to make some booties for my newborn neice, Alexandria. I might even use this as an embellishment or edging for another project. The prospects are limitless.
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