Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bamboo Blend

My mantra at Rhinebeck 2011 was "Step out of your comfort zone."  I resisted all the colors I usually reach for like greens, browns and teals.  I found this pink, gray and black colorway from Creatively Dyed fiber in South Carolina.  Two years ago I had got some fiber from this vendor in a beautiful carmel colorway.  As I began to spin it up,  I saw that it also had some deep dark blue in it also. After navajo plying, I ended up with 142 yards of yarn.  I think it's a heavy fingering/sport weight.  I haven't measured the WPI.  I had meant to two ply it using the andean method, but I was impatient. I think I can get a nice scarf or fingerless mitts out of this that will compliment my purple coat.